Welcome to Doctors Plus Medical Center


Doctors Plus Medical Center is a team of world-class health professionals specialized in family medicine, internal medicine, and geriatrics. Since 1996, we have been devoted to providing the best, most comprehensive, highest quality healthcare services for residents of South Florida.

We accept most major insurances, including Aetna, AvMed, CarePlus, CareLink, United Healthcare, Preferred Care Partners

Our on-site providers are fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese, Creole, French, Hindi, Tamil, and Gujarati. We also work with off-site partners to provide other translation services, as required.




Our Locations


Pembroke Pines









Pembroke Pines (Silver Lakes)

501 NW 179 Ave, Pembroke Pines, FL, 33029

Phone: (954) 442 – 2828

Fax: (954) 442 – 3366









Plantation Office

320 South State Road 7, Suite #100, Plantation, FL 33317

Phone: (954) 714 – 8780

Fax: (954) 769 – 1175