Dear Patient:

Welcome to Doctors Plus Medical Center’s new Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) initiative, a new way of coordinating your health care around your needs! PCMH is not a building, a house, or a hospital. It is a model of care designed to improve your experience of health care with an emphasis on preventative care and wellness.

Please allow Doctors Plus Medical Center to provide you the best care possible. To do so we recommend that you contact your insurance provider and choose a Doctors Plus Medical Center Provider as your Primary Care Provider (PCP). You may base your enrollment selection or your pattern of doctor visits. Our providers will be happy to be your PCP and work with you on your health care needs. To view our providers, please visit our website at If further assistance is required, feel free to call members of our patient care team at (954) 442 – 2828.

If you have already chosen your Doctors Plus Medical Center PCP, we invite you to continue working with our providers in this new model of care.

Your chosen provider will work with other health care providers to take care of you. As your care team, we will involve you in decisions about your health and health care, and thus be able to develop a stronger relationship with you.

If you are over 40 years of age or have a chronic condition for which you are being treated and have not seen one of our providers within the last year, please contact our offices and schedule an appointment so we may reconnect.

As a Patient-Centered Medical Home, we are committed to your life-long health and wellbeing. We believe that to achieve this goal there must be a partnership between the patient and your medical provider (physician or nurse practitioner).

We will work together to…

  • Care for short term illnesses and manage long-term chronic diseases
  • Achieve and maintain your health over your lifetime

You will…

  • Be open and honest in providing your doctor with your health-related information
  • Agree to keep scheduled appointments at our office as well as with any specialists
  • Follow the medical care plan that is agreed upon at your office visit as best you can
  • Participate in developing an action plan to self-manage a chronic condition (such as diabetes, asthma, etc.)
  • Take steps to achieve a healthy lifestyle and get preventive services
  • Agree to ask questions if you do not understand any portion of your health care
  • Notify us if your insurance, prescription coverage or financial situation changes
  • Collaborate with your PCP and his/her care team to maintain your patient information regarding medications, visits to specialists, medical history, health status, recent test results, self-care information, and data from recent hospitalizations, specialty care or ER visits.

Your Medical Provider will…

  • Respect your privacy and keep the information confidential
  • Offer appropriate medical advice and information based on current recommendations
  • Engage in an open and honest discussion of all treatment options
  • Seek opinions from high quality specialists, when needed, for your care
  • Provide 24/7 access to your provider’s care team and your care information, through your patient portal, an after-hours phone service, and a secure messaging platform available through Doctors Plus Medical Center’s Website.
  • Provide evidence-based care, patient/family education, and self-management support through monthly patient education seminars
  • Provide information about how to receive care across multiple care settings – among specialists, hospitals, rehab centers, behavioral health providers, and other facilities
  • Help you access your patient portal
  • Help to keep your healthcare affordable

If you have any questions please call either our Pembroke Pines office at (954) 442 – 2828 or our Plantation office at (954) 714 – 8780. We look forward to walking with you on the path to a healthier you!